Happy late valentines day everyone. We meant to publish this update a few days ago but a few last minute bugs crept in.

Legacy Edition and Legacy Multiplayer are now bundled in with the main game files.


  • New Bumper Skins

    • In Love

    • Surprised

    • Angry

    • Neutral

  • New Ball Skins

    • Heart

    • Pride

    • Slava Ukraini


  • Changed all UI elements

  • Updated to Unity 2022.2.5f1

  • Getting a powerup through the left wall now activates debuffs while getting it through the right wall activates buffs

Technical Changes

  • Due to a bug Touch controls are permanently turned off

  • Completely rewrote the skins system

    • You can now "recolour" skins using the "recolour" system

      • Added the groundwork for the "money" system

      • Note, "pings" will not be purchasable for real world currency.

      • "Pings" will also be the way in which skins will be purchased. Players will also start with at least 100 pings, which will be enough to purchase all the skins currently within the game.

      • Certain skins will remain free, however will still need to be unlocked through the store

  • Changed how the game checks if touch controls are enabled

  • Changed various parts of the main games code in preparation for the next big update.


  • Ball skin can now be disabled

Achievement and Stat changes/updates


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