Today announces the official release of the Table Ball - Colours DLC 1

This DLC will give you access to the first 3 colours in the customization menu.

The release of this DLC also adds the addition of the settings sync system. The plan for this system will be to allow you to sync your ingame settings to all your devices. Currently it only applies to the customization system and is synced through steam cloud. But we're going to expand on it in the future.


  • Added "Advanced Bumper Customisation" to allow users to customise bumpers separately.

  • Added links on the main menu to our Discord and Bug Tracker

  • Added stats

    • Now your heighest score against the AI is tracked

  • Added an achievement

    • Just gotta get them points against the AI up

    • Only applies in the "Player VS AI" Mode

      • This may change in the future depending on user feedback

      • We also have a few more achievements we wanna add that are similar to this

  • Added a free ball and bumper colour

    • Lockyz Dev Grey


  • Moved the AI settings to the settings menu

  • Made the pause menu appear different when paused as opposed to when the game hasn't started

  • Removed the "Restart Game" button from the pause menu and added it to the Debug Menu

  • Changed the "Debug Menu" so it is accessible via button press instead of through the pause menu


  • Fixed issues with the "Special Text"

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