This version of Table Ball is based upon the Mobile version, this means that the game only contains the "Advanced" Game Mode, however it does include improvements to our game manager. This means you can disable powerups in the Game Settings Menu.


  • Added more game settings

    • There is now a toggle to disable powerups

    • We'll be adding more customisability in the future

  • Added quite a few cheats

    • Also changed the formatting for all the cheats within the game

    • Console Window is also now opened using the Back Quote Key

  • Added some new debuffs

    • (In Beta) Inverted Controls

    • (In Beta) Double Bumper

  • Added an option to enable "beta" powerups

  • Added 6 new achievements

    • "1000/5000 points against/from AI", Inverted and Slowness Debuffs.

  • Added touch controls

    • Simply check the "Touch Controls" option in the control settings


  • Unlocking the Deluxe Edition Upgrade now also unlocks Colours DLC 1 & 2

  • Temporarily removed both the 3D and Continuous game modes

    • Will be added back in the future


  • (hopefully) fixed a bug that would cause achievements to be earnt only after the game is closed

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