Today we've officially released Table balls update. This update includes some very cool new features. We're going to be expanding on some of these features in future updates.

You can now use some themes within your Table Ball game, we also changed the "default" theme. We added the start of our "special skins" system. While it's not fully ready yet, we'll be adding some really cool skins in the future. (Unfortunately you won't be able to use the normal customization system with the new "special skins" system.)

We have a lot more coming in future updates.You can view a more detailed changelog of the new features below



    • We currently only have 3 themes

      • "Classic" changes the main menu to appear as it had originally

      • "Dark" is our new default theme that changes the entire game to be easier on the eyes

      • "Light" changes the entire game to be very very bright.

        • "White" bumpers change to black when using this theme

      • "Lockyz Dev" changes all elements to use Lockyz Dev Branding

        • This theme hasn't been added yet.

  • Special Skins

    • This version introduces the start of our "special skins" system

    • It is currently unfinished and new skins cannot be selected

  • Continuous Game Mode

    • This game mode allows you to continue your progress between game restarts

    • The game will automatically load the scores for both the left and right bumpers

    • The game will also save your AI settings between restarts

    • Basically just a version of "PVAI" with saving enabled


  • Decreased DLC Pricing

    • We've decreased the prices of all DLC.

    • This new pricing makes us feel more comfortable with the amount of content included within each DLC

    • We'll continue working on each DLC further into the future. With the new "Special Skins" System we have some really cool stuff coming.

  • Changed the splash screen

    • Now it'll display the Lockyz Dev logo above "Made with Unity"

    • Also uses official Table Ball branding as a background

  • Changed the Table Ball Logo

    • The logo and branding on the exe file, steam pages, itch pages, etc have all been changed

    • Same with the logos and other branding on DLC content has also been changed

  • Changed the main menu

    • We've basically redone the entire thing, we hope you like it

    • Added a "DLC" button

    • This is currently unfunctional but will display what DLC you own and a preview of what you'll get in other DLC.

    • As an example if you click the "Colours DLC 1" button you'll see a list of colours included within the DLC.

  • Score display has been changed

    • The displayed scores are now in bold so they should be easier to see

    • Within the main menu the score also changes based on what menu you have open

    • Scores are now on the bottom of the UI layer so they should no longer appear above menu

  • Changed the game mode menu slightly

    • We've changed where game mode buttons are displayed.

    • We also included disabled buttons that'll be used for future game modes

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